Why Brazil, someone once said

“return i will
to old brazil”

yeah it simply started with a book and a movie, i mean i heart orwell’s 1984 and i saw gilliam’s brazil like years ago, what a hunk!, and still i’m amazed how the director delivers the romantic flight of dark imagination scored with that latin-flavored title tune which kills me again and again; softly for sure, you know, those blah blah blah cheesy words in the first lines (Geoff did it the best, IMHO, with the intro and the whistling-like sound), ‘june‘, ‘ambermoon‘, ‘someday soon‘, rhyming never gets tiring, huh?, suddenly “then tomorrow was another day” (!), and finally “return, i will, to old Brazil“—should i say, the Past? or is it the Future? with sam lowry, you’ll never know.

Kate Bush – “Brazil” – Brazil OST
Geoff & Maria Muldaur – “Brazil” – Pottery Pie
Arcade Fire – “Brazil” – Rebellion (Lies)
Beirut – “Brazil” – Live at KLRU Studios
Antonio Carlos Jobim – “Brazil” – Aquarela Do Brasil


2 thoughts on “Why Brazil, someone once said

    1. Vira Post author

      hmm.. film Bossanova.. film romantis ringan, tapi musiknya bossa semua dan ada Girl from ipanema juga.. A feel-good movie..
      *nyamber aja*


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