#np The Cubby Creatures – The Blessed Invention (enggres version)

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Apart from its tacky-looking cover design, this album is for me one of the best of the early 2000s, which is highly underrated and certainly not as famous as Kid A despite being released almost simultaneously. The Cubby Creatures grew up in an art collective in San Francisco and sounded like a gentle version of The Elephant 6’s sarcasm that was fed too much by The Kinks and The Velvet Underground. They wear violins and clarinets that make their music unheard like most indie rock ’90s units that tend to be aggressive and have an excessive love for guitar distortion. Their psychedelia loichi level even feels graceful and very far from the impression of macho, but is not the beginning of the 2000s like a new round of unpredictable and therefore it is exciting to rethink things? After the opening track contains the noise of the spell, in the second song they sing about the most popular theme of the moment, “… somebody said it’s gonna crash / when Y2K comes / you’ll lose all your cash …”, but there is also resignation about the ending day at once disiasati through humor, “you call it fatal condition / I call it photo opportunity …”, genius lyrics written long before social media and smartphones camera selfie. The new millennium, especially for those of us who had just experienced the post-1998 euphoria as the entrance to an era of somehow, did come with all the strange feelings surrounding it: such as the anxiety about whether computers would be brushed millennium bugs, and why the semester costs in ITB soared in over a million rupiah if previously even less than half of it? The shabby flannel shirt on campus was slowly being replaced by a kinky and hipster adek shirt that still meant pants, where the walk-in showcases looked lighter with sporty passions and odd peculiarities, accompanied by cheerful beats from sampling that made it awkward the alternative rock veterans. The dandy no longer appear shy and if the decade of ’90s full of anger and bubbling, then what if in this new decade we go back to the keriaan flower generation kenes and more relaxed, yet we can still grumble while stoned with arousal up name .. errr, artsy-fartsy? Then we can continue to fantasize about aliens and conspiracy theories. I just need to put this CD in the car if I happen to want to relive the ludicrous years of the 2000s and smile on its own, through the nostalgic streets in the gloomy city of drowning by the rain. This album is a valid proof of how the eternal masterpieces of The Beatles and The Beach Boys of 1967 will still continue to haunt mankind up to three, four, five, the next decade, “..until the day comes / until the night comes / comes the quake comes. . “In other words, until doomsday comes. The blessed invention indeed. 

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