Klab Yu Tub .02 – Tahun 2000


Nasida Ria, a prolific all-female qasidah band from Semarang, wrote a prophetic song in 1986 called “Tahun 2000” (“The Year 2000”). The song begins with some ephemeral UFO-like soundscapes from its cheesy organ chords, and jerks its way along with strangely hypnotic suling lines behind kendang beats, and biola kembar tunes—reminiscent of John Cale’s VU early works (I’m kidding!). The lyrics predict the not-too-distant future through their bleak visions: Man vs. Machine (“..tenaga manusia/ banyak diganti mesin..”), increasing unemployment (“..mencari nafkah makin sulit/ pengangguran merajalela..”), global warming (“..hutan ditebang/ jadi pemukiman/ langit suram udara panas..”), and yeah, all those things to worry about and preachy stuff like, you better prepare yourself (“..siap ilmu/ siap iman/ siaaap..”)! Gosh. Seriously, go watch this bizzare video (setting: kantor kabupaten?). You’re welcome, ndes..


[Budi Warsito]

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